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Posted by Verve Cycling on February 17, 2014 in
InfoCrank data analysis, Science and engineering

Our first production InfoCrank is a 110 BCD* crankset. _I9A8192 copy

Cranksets of this format are usually described as ‘compact’ and almost always supplied with a 50/34T chainring combination. Many riders are quite happy with this and look for nothing different.

We thought InfoCrank riders would be looking for more, so also offer the new ‘mid-compact’ 52/36T chainring set—as big as most riders outside the professional set will want to run.

We did ask Praxis, our chainring suppliers, about offering a 53T chainring as an option, but they didn’t think this was a good idea. In their view, a very strong rider using a 53T ring on a 110 BCD crank would be too risky.

Concept #01

So as part of our forward planning, we’re already designing an InfoCrank to the 130 mm BCD ‘racing’ standard. We’ve named it InfoCrank Classic and it will have 53/39T chainrings. Customers will be able to utilize other rings of this standard if they wish—some TT riders like to go up to 54/55T on the big ring.

Our upcoming Classic crank differs in design from the original InfoCrank and is fabricated in a different factory, but in one vital respect it is identical—power measurement, which remains within our strict tolerances.

That means if you have InfoCrank on one bike and InfoCrank Classic on another, your two torque measurement readings will be within 0.25 nm of each other.

Put it simply, your WATTS are WATTS (not WHATS?).

*  BCD stands for ‘bolt circle diameter’.

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  • Wonderful post but I was wanting to know if you could write a litte more
    on this topic? I’d be very thankful if you could elaborate
    a little bit more. Thanks!

    • The Compact Classics with 24mm spindle are in short supply, but there is some availability. We will put them into the Verve Shop very soon. Right now we have then in 165mm and 172.5mm and the rest of the lengths are following. Sorry for the delays. Manufacturing always seems to encourage patience.

      Just a quick answer to the problem that Saul asked in June. “Why don’t we just make the InfoCrank 30mm Spindle version to fit the BBright and some other BB specs?” The InfoCrank is designed for performance and part of that is having the bearing run quite precise inside the BB. Some other manufacturers do an all-round spindle and then when you build it up, you just add washers to try and position it correctly. We like the rewards of precision enough to not want to do that. In order to keep the InfoCrank in exactly the right place, our Aluminium spindle is actually 30mm at one end (drive side) and steps down to 28mm at the other end. That said, we have some of the best engineers working on a BB to suit. It also will be worth the wait.

  • Saul Cunningham


    I want to run a Compact or Mid-Compact in my BBRight Cervelo. Right now only the Infocrank Classic will work but that is 130mm BCD. I hear a 110mm BCD version of the classic is planned. When is this available? That solution BTW requires the use of either Wheels Mfg adapters or a new BB that adapts to a 24mm spindle. Or why not rejig the original BB30 version to suit BBRight and BB386 etc (like how Rotor cranks fit on any bike?) Why did you go with the original design you chose that did not allow fitting to these BB standards.


    • Hi Saul, that’s correct. In August/Sept this year we will see our first Compact Classics hit the shelves. These will have the 24mm spindle which is adaptable into the BBRight bottom brackets. Stay tuned!