Guido Vroemen

CPT Cycling

With 19 years experience in cycling, I have guided riders from beginner to international level to achieve their goals through power based training. Delivering personalised plans and providing actionable feedback with expert analysis. I would love to help you achieve your next goals too.

Backstedt Coaching

Formed by Magnus & Meg Backstedt, Backstedt coaching offers experience from the top of Men’s and Women’s pro cycling, and Triathlon. Backstedt Coaching believe in training with power, and offer InfoCrank rentals as an affordable option to help kickstart your cycle training.

Aeolus Endurance Sport

Formed by Level-1 coach Adnan Kadir with the simple intention of helping athletes become their best, AES specializes in road, mountain, cyclocross, and triathlon.  Adnan’s approach combines science, data, and a keen sensitivity to life balance to help bring out the best in each athlete.

The Recovery Room

Nick Jehu is a track and road cycling coach, personal trainer, massage therapist, and is currently studying both NeuroKinetic Therapy and his Bachelor of Physiotherapy. He’s constantly deepening his understanding of the body, and uses Power to inform his understanding and diagnosis.

Vincent Van Wersch

An athlete, wants to grow his/her abilities, to perform better, to reach his/her goal, to win. It’s my passion as a coach to guide you in this process by planning your training and  assessing your performance. Only through gathering data from your training, we can improve your training and get to that performance.  InfoCrank gives us the data we need and more. “to GROW” is the service we provide at Vincent Van Wersch, coaching & Training.

Front Runner Sports Coaching

Thomas is an accredited Triathlon Australia development coach who specialises in helping triathletes reach their personal performance goals.  Thomas’s bachelor in mechanical engineering is channelled through his passion for cycling and his attention to detail for cycling equipment. He offers a wide variety of cycling related services to help athletes enjoy cycling and reach their full potential. His services include Personalised Bike Fitting, lactate threshold and Function Threshold Power (FTP) testing, one-on-one skills development and general cycling related advice.

BikeMe Coaching Services

BikeMe was created with the recreational cyclist and racer who wants to better themselves in mind. BikeME is here to guide YOU, teach YOU and enable YOU to do what YOU to want to do. We specialise in Power (Watts) & Heart Rate but can even work on just speed and time in the saddle.

The Exercise Institute

With a multi-displine focus, the Exercise Institute in Perth, WA, offers a range of coaching packages to suit your budget. Group classes, Bike Fit, Performance Testing, Women’s Cycling – it’s all here at the Exercise Institute.

The Hurt Box

THB Coaching caters predominantly for serious racing cyclists who want to achieve at the highest level of their ability. THB Coaching is power based. Our coaches use the RiderMetrics software to monitor and review your cycling.

Powerhouse Cycling

As a Cycling Australia level 3 coach, Powerhouse Cycling provides innovative coaching to professional and amateur riders across the world. With our coaching you can be confident that with every pedal stroke, the latest training methodologies have been incorporated into your training to reach your goals.

Strive Cycle Training

Strive Cycle Training is an affordable coaching solution targeted at club level cyclists who want to improve their cycling. Strive sends your training plan right to your mobile, and helps you achieve your goals. Buy your InfoCrank through Strive and receive three free months of coaching!

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