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Posted by Verve Cycling on July 8, 2014 in
InfoCrank data analysis

It’s been a good news week for Verve. We got results back from an external testing house of InfoCrank as a weigh scale and learnt that we were more accurate than our specifications. The certification house tested a range of weights, on and off, and found that the readings of Nm converted to kilos extremely accurately. We will share more about this test and the results soon, along with why and how we’ve achieved this level of accuracy.


We’re aware, however, that you want to know about how InfoCrank feels to ride. You want to know how the numbers look on the bumpy, wet, cold roads, day in and day out. You want to know what the unboxing and installing process is really like. You want to know how it looks and feels in person. So after we made sure all our first customers around the globe received their cranks, we released a number of InfoCranks for rider testing by some well known bicycle magazines and journalists.

Screenshot 2014-07-08 13.13.59One of those journalists was Cory Benson from Bike Rumor. Did you catch his post about InfoCrank earlier this year (Read it here)? We’re really looking forward to hearing his thoughts on riding the InfoCrank.

Let us know who you’d like to see review InfoCrank. We’ll keep you posted as more rider reviews are written so you feel confident in your decision to ride an InfoCrank.

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  • Happy to read testing is going well !
    Any plans for shorter cranks (down to 150mm by 5mm increments) in the future ? That would be neat for TT bikes / triathletes !
    Thanks !

    • Hi Peter,

      We are certainly looking into making smaller sizes in future InfoCranks for those TT bikes/triathletes. At the moment we’re working on designs for our TT crank, so keep an eye on us for more details soon.

    • That’s the idea. At the moment there’s a few others (130BCD, Track) in the pipeline but MTB is on the list!

  • I’ve been a powertap user for sevral years – the benefits of training with a power meter is real. The drawback using a meter on the rear wheel is that if you have more than one wheelset, it limits your measurements to one wheelset.

    Iam interested in finding out more about your computer, and its programming functions.

    Being able to measure power from each leg separately is a tantalizing feature of your system – and for anyone really wishing to improve.

    • Yes – we’ve seen some really interesting data coming from the true bilateral measurements. We are looking forward to getting more cyclists, trainers, physical therapists and institutions analysing true accurate bilateral power and seeing the real difference it has on training! We know it will be huge.