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Etape 1 – Anglet – La Pierre St Martin 15/08/2015

Artem Sitnikov #1094 link to ride data: https://www.cyclinganalytics.com/ride/866030886096

Time: 05:45:52
Time behind Winner: 01:20:01
Results: 117/319 Overall, 49th in <40 Category
Country: Russe
Team: Angry Boys Racing


How old are you?

What inspires you to push beyond your limits?
I just want to know, is it my limit or can I do more?

Is this your first time training with power? 
No, I have 3 years experience of training with power, and my third Haute Route.

Why Haute Route? 
It’s the best cycling event I’ve ever done. It’s a very good atmosphere, with friendly and strong participants.

What’s your favorite ride ever? 
Ultraman Florida in 2014.

Favorite post ride meal? Recovery drink? ‘Fuel’ (food) while riding?
1. Pasta carbonara and a lot of desserts!
2. ULTRAGEN by FirstEndurance, Coca Cola
3. Enervit

Why do you ride?
To escape from the stress of my consulting business (I’m a partner of Financial Consulting Group) to have a time for thinking about complicated tasks and business opportunities.

Artem Sitnikov


What can we deduct from Artem’s race data? Knowing from his bio that he is an accomplished, experienced, and under 40 years of age, it’s is safe to say that Artem definitely rode conservatively today. He spent most of the day in Zones 1-3, clearly keeping it an aerobic effort.

Artem Sitnikov Artem

Also if you look at his entire ride graph, two things stick out:

  1. Power output is very constant throughout the stage.
  2. Heart Rate is very constant throughout the stage.

Normally, as a rider fatigues one of two things will happen:

  1. Power output declines while heart rate remains constant
  2. Power out remains constant as hear rate increases.

This is known as Aerobic Decoupling, more info here: http://home.trainingpeaks.com/blog/article/aerobic-endurance-and-decoupling

Look for Artem to gradually rise in standing through the week. This guy is cool and collected!

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