Intensity Scores and Training Load

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Etape 2 – Auron – Briançon 24/08/2015

Results: 527 Finishers

  • 60th  #2031 Fleurence Pascal, Age Category: 40-49, Age Rank: 23, Country: Français, Team: Fleurence family, Time: 04:57:21
  • 151st #2396 Clifton Peter, Age Category: <40, Age Rank: 59, Country: Britannique, Team: Athlete Lab, Time: 05:32:32
  • 253rd #2063 Andersen Troels, Age Category: 40-49, Age Rank: 112, Country: Danois, Team: Team Danois, Time: 06:01:03
  • 280th #2195 Lowe Tim, Age Category: 40-49, Age Rank: 123, Country: Britannique, Team: Velocissimo, Time: 06:09:13
  • 305th #2441 Judin Greg Age Category: <40, Age Rank: 10, 1 Country: Sud Africain, Team: Col de Chaussy, Time: 06:16:52

ANALYSIS // Data from 5 #MyPower riders on Stage 2 of Haute Route Alps (Auron – Briançon):

Who had the lowest and highest Intensity Score?

Definition of Intensity? How hard the ride was. It’s calculated as effective power / FTP. Shorter rides can have higher intensities. A one hour time trial will have by definition an intensity of 100%. Andrew Coggan came up with this.

From Easiest to Hardest Intensity

  • Greg Judin, 65%, 305th
  • Tim Lowe: 69%, 280th
  • Pascal Fleurence: 72%, 60th
  • Troels Anderson: 74%, 253rd
  • Peter Clifton, 77%, 151st

Who spent the least amount of time at or above threshold?

  • Greg Judin: 1336 seconds, 0:22:15, 305th
  • Troels Anderson: 2663 seconds, 0:44:22, 253rd
  • Tim Lowe: 3184 seconds, 0:53:04, 280th
  • Pascal Fleurence: 3452 seconds, 0:57:31, 60th
  • Peter Clifton: 4468 seconds, 1:14:27, 151st 

Highest and Lowest Training Load for the stage?

What is Training Load? How taxing on the body the ride was. Calculated as intensity2 × time riding. A one hour time trial will by definition have a training load of 100. Andrew Coggan also came up with this.

From Lowest to Highest Training Load

  • Greg Judin, 347, 305th
  • Pascal Fleurence, 379, 60th
  • Troels Anderson, 387, 253rd
  • Tim Lowe, 395, 280th
  • Peter Clifton, 407, 151st


CONCLUSIONS // What conclusions can we draw from the data?

Peter Clifton clearly worked the hardest but was not the top placed #MyPower rider. Possibly he could’ve been a little more efficient in terms of sitting in a draft or easing up more on the neutralized sections or just possibly he isn’t quite as fit as Pascal, so he just needs to work a bit harder.

Greg Judin had the easiest day (to be clear no one had an easy day, but worked the least hard) and was also the lowest ranked #MyPower rider. He likely has more in the tank and is being conservative on the first few days.

Who did the overall least amount of work with the best result?

Pascal Fleurence. He rode hard at the right times to maximize overall placing, paced himself well, and didn’t put himself too much into the hole.

Overall, everyone is doing a GREAT JOB! The big takeaway is you can always find places to conserve a little bit more, or perhaps spend energy in a slightly better way. That is the power of simple but accurate data. That is #MyPower.

Thanks to all of the riders for sharing their data!

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