Making the most of your power when it counts

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Stage 2 Haute Route Dolomites and Swiss Alps
#MyPower Rider: Jarno Martikainen
Bib #: 3166
Nationality: Finlandais
Team: Team Lökäpöksyt
Overall Stage Result: 257th/359
Age Category: 40-49
Age Category Result: 98th/136
Official Race Time: 4:00:05 (+01:18:51 behind stage winner)
Total Time on course: 7:27:43
Total ride (moving time): 6:37:28

Check out the full stage data here:

INTERPRET // What do these numbers tell us?

Jarno spent 7.5 hours out on course yet only 4 hours or just over half the time (53% to be exact) counted for his official race time.

He spent just over 6.5 hours pedaling (6:37:28) but only 4 of these hours counted as “Race time”. There was an exception of the 6:45 stop approximately halfway up the first timed climb of the day, which was calculated as part of his race time.

3:16:08 (Climb #1) + 44:23 (Climb #2) = 4:00:31 very close to his Official Finish Time of 4:00:05 (it is hard to get the same exact time as race officials unless all devices are synced at the same exact time which very rarely happens).

From yesterday’s analysis we know his FTP and weight: 290 and 88.2 kg/194 lb

On the first climb he averaged 205 Watts or 71% of FTP which is a Zone 2 or endurance pace effort for the 3.5 hour effort. On the second climb his average power was 259 Watts or 89% of FTP which is a Zone 3 or high tempo/low threshold type of effort for the 45 minute effort. His average power output on both climbs shows that he continues to pace himself well and ride within his limits.

Jarno also managed to spend quite a bit of time in Zone 1/Recovery, or less than 159 Watts. 2:41:40 or 37.4% of the total time out on course.

All of the above show that Jarno made the most efficient use of power and time during Stage 2. He worked hard when the clock was ticking and backed off the power when time or speed didn’t matter. Great job Jarno!


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