Olympic Hopeful Ben Kanute is Top US Finisher at ITU World Championships Grand Final

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Ben Kanute, US Pro Triathlete

Newest Addition to the Verve InfoCrank Roster, Olympic Hopeful Ben Kanute is the Top American Finisher at the ITU World Championships Grand Final in Chicago.

Hometown favorite, Professional Triathlete, Ben Kanute put on a spectacular show for fans during the final round of the World Cup. A successful and talented cyclist, Kanute was active right away on the bike, trying to initiate a break but the pack would not let anything go. However, his efforts finally paid off when a small breakaway took place in the last lap, giving Kanute, Switzerland’s Andrea Salvisberg, the Netherlands’ Marco Van Der Stel and Brazil’s Reinaldo Colucci about a 35-second lead over that big group of 55 athletes going into the run.

Kanute coming into T2 in the lead

Kanute was able to keep the top spot through the majority of the first lap of the run, but once Spain’s Gomez and Mola joined him there was not much he could do and he faded to the middle of the race.

Taking a chance on the bike did result in Kanute being the top placed America, finishing 20th.

Not surprisingly, his data file from the race resembles a criterium file more than a time trial. The effort was anything but steady or easy. Kanute put out a near maximum effort scoring 96% Intensity. Intensity is a measure of how hard the ride was, calculated as effective power / FTP. Shorter rides can have higher intensities. A one hour time trial will have by definition an intensity of 100%.

Effective Power is similar to average power, but taking into account the way higher powers are disproportionally harder. The idea is that the ride would be just as hard if this was the average power for the entire ride. This number is calculated using a method developed by Andrew Coggan.

Check out these efforts (aka matches)!

We (cyclists/triathletes) use the term matches describe a hard effort where you really had to push yourself. Everyone has a limited number of matches before they blow up or get dropped.

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