On the ground at Haute Route Alps

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Week 2 of Haute Route is under way! Stage one is presently happening and it’s a bit similar to week one stage one. The weather is almost identical and so is the location. We are in the clouds and rugged up in down jackets. There are two big differences though. The first is that stage one last week was a hard one. People finished last week’s first race feeling skeptical of the week ahead. Today is meant to be an easier stage than lasts weeks first ride, so spirits are lighter. The second difference is in the finish village. We’re all pros at setting up now and can sit and enjoy our coffee and the view with great anticipation of riders coming up the mountain to the finish line soon.

As riders arrived to Nice, France to check in there was a bit less dread than last week. Riders saw that people survived week one and were ready to say the same about week two.

We have nine #MyPower InfoCrank riders this week from six different countries, a slightly smaller group than the last.

Overall the riders believe this week is meant to be harder than last week and they all seem pretty confident!


(C) Haute Route + Manu Molle

Check-in was good fun. We got to meet face to face some of our long term InfoCrank riders who purchased their InfoCranks almost a year ago now.

One #MyPower rider in particular put a great deal of trust in us. As cyclists we all know that changing up the bike the day before a big race is less than ideal. Unfortunately, we had no choice but to install the InfoCrank the morning of check-in, one day before the race. All went smoothly and quick enough but anxiety was as high as one would expect. We love that people understand the need for a power meter, especially in a race through the Alps, and allow us to help prove why InfoCrank is the most reliable and accurate power meter available. The best part of this exercise was that we could prove how InfoCrank is not only the most accurate power meter on the market {& we have the science to prove it!) but it’s so easy to install and uninstall.


(C) Haute Route + Manu Molle

As most of our riders know by now Sam is our bike mechanic, brainiac and handy man. He’s cleaned a lot of bottom brackets, arranged and rearranged magnets and fixed some gears. He’s also given up his own personal bike computers and even his saddle for others to race on! Here at the InfoCrank Verve tent we want to help any of the ways we can, whether it’s with bike parts, mechanics, cold water, hot coffee or some encouragement! Bring on Week 2, Haute Route Alps!

Screenshot 2015-08-25 11.11.56

Greg Judin’s install, the day before the race. A lot of trust put in our team!

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