Pyrenees Haute Route, Stage 2 Mike Jones power analysis

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Etape 2 – Pau – Pau 16/08/2015

Mike Jones #1115 link to ride data:

Time: 04:18:55
Time behind Winner: 0:28:28
Results: 35th/318 Overall, 12th in 40-49 Category
Country: Britannique
Team: Paramount/Stan’s Cycles

Mike Jones, teammate of #MyPower rider, Victoria Grimmer (currently 2nd overall female) on the Paramount/Stan’s team clearly knows how to pace himself. He was definitely holding something back today despite finishing and impressive 35th overall on the stage. He spent 60% of his total ride time in Zones 1-2 (Recovery and Endurance pace!)

Below is a close up look at the big climb of the day where he averaged 282 watts (3.1 w/kg) which was a mid-tempo or Zone 3 effort for him during the 15 mile, 1:20 effort.

Col d’Aubisque, 1,709M (1st class), 1,293M+ over 16,5km, 7, 8% average

Col d’Aubisque, 1,709M (1st class), 1,293M+ over 16,5km, 7, 8% average

In the next image, the climb is divided in half and we can see that during the last 40 minutes, Mike really settled into a steady rhythm and increase his average power output from 278 on the first half to 286 on the second half and managed to keep a smooth, steady cadence of 70 rpms despite the average gradient of 8.2%. A fine ride by Mike Jones- watch out for this fox in the henhouse later on in the week!
Mike Jones 2

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