Robbie McEwen joins Verve Cycling as InfoCrank brand ambassador

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Australian former pro cyclist Robbie McEwen has joined Verve Cycling as ‘brand ambassador’ for InfoCrank.

InfoCrank by Verve Cycling is an integrated power meter that sets new standards of accuracy, usability, and robustness. Robbie will play an active part helping Verve show cyclists everywhere how InfoCrank can help them improve their performance on the bike.

Robbie last rode for Orica-GreenEDGE in the 2012 UCI World Tour. As a triple winner of the Tour de France’s green jersey sprinters’ classification (and the first Australian to win it), he was one of the world’s most successful sprinters.

During his long career in the pro sport, Robbie was renowned and feared in the peloton for his tactical nous and fearsome kick. Fellow Australian cyclist Stuart O’Grady considers Robbie to be “one of the fastest, most powerful accelerators the planet has ever seen”.

Robbie has ridden and evaluated many training aids, including most first-generation power meters.

“I’ve ridden on just about everything there is out there, and InfoCrank is the best power meter I’ve  had the pleasure of using,”says Robbie.

“It has all the info you could wish for—real-time bilateral power, pedal balance, torque efficiency, and all in a robust form packaged in the crankset. The validity of the data is of top importance when using a power meter to train on, and InfoCrank has the highest degree of accuracy you can get, with a variance of less than 0.2 Nm!

“This is the best bang-for-your-buck power meter I have seen and all cyclists who are serious about their training and racing should have one.”

Wayne Evans, marketing manager for Verve Cycling Asia-Pacific, warmly welcomed Robbie’s arrival as ‘brand ambassador’ for InfoCrank, saying:

“Robbie is a legend in Australian cycling. Who can forget his win on the Champs-Elysées in the 1999 Tour de France? He has a reputation as a serious and astute professional rider that all Australians can relate to. Robbie went to Europe to take on the best and beat them in the heartlands of the pro sport. As an Australian company taking on the world and setting new benchmarks for the power market, the entire team at Verve Cycling aspire to do as well as he did.”


Robbie McEwen’s palmarès includes 12 Tour de France stage wins, 12 stage wins in the Giro d’Italia, 5 wins in Paris–Brussels, and 2 wins at the Australian National Championships. McEwen was recognised as one of the fastest sprinters in the world, consistently beating sprinters such as Alessandro Petacchi, Mario Cipollini, and Erik Zabel.

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  • I read with interest about the Info crank performance in the rain forest, mud and all. Here in UK I have replaced the bottom bracket 3 times. The adhesive cadence magnets have been replaced 3 times, and reglued on 5 occasions. This does not match up with your rainforest experience.

    I suspect you were not using the fragile adhesive cadence magnets, which considerably reduce the robustness of the information chain. The units concerned are less than 6 months old.

    Noel Boyd