Troels, the most dedicated #MyPower rider

Posted by admin on September 1, 2015 in
Haute Route, InfoCrank data analysis

Troels. There is no one like Troels. Check out his data from the week during Haute Route Alps.

celebratory selfie after finishing the last climb on day 6

celebratory selfie after finishing the last climb on day

Stitches: 5 (after a crash in Stage 6)
Stages Completed: 78iAXooyia
Distance: 855 km, 530 miles
Elevation Gained: 22150 meters, 72,652 feet
Haute Route Alps Training Load: 2373 TL (100 TL = 1 hour at Threshold, so the physiological toll of the week is close to 24 hours riding at threshold power)
Kilojoules Burned on the bike: 33000 (kjs= approximately same value as calories) or about 330 BANANAS!

Troels TLBreaks his arm in a crash at 50 kph, finishes the stage then goes on to set his peak 20 min power of the 7 days on the last stage? Can you say BADASS of Haute Route?

Troels Power Curve

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