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UCI World Cycling Centre

On June 6, 2016, Verve announced a four-year partnership with the UCI World Cycling Centre, supplying their athletes with InfoCranks to accurately measure their power output.

Frédérik Magne, multi-world champion and CEO of the UCI’s WCC added, “We know that it is critical to accurately measure power in our young riders in a way that can be duplicated wherever they are in the world as well as through all the years of their progression to the top. That is why we approached Verve with our partnership idea as they design and manufacture the amazing InfoCrank. They join other global companies committed to the youth of our sport and the achievement of lofty goals.”

British Cycling

Verve has entered into a five-year relationship with British Cycling. The partnership is designed to give Great Britain Cycling Team athletes across all Olympic disciplines the opportunity to ride with accurate power measurement capabilities.

The Great Britain Cycling Team will use the data that is available from the InfoCrank to continue to give them the edge as they strive to remain the worldʼs single most successful cycling team.Verve Cycling will also work with British Cyclingʼs cutting-edge coaching and sport science infrastructure to develop the InfoCrank product for those disciplines that do not yet have true power measurement.


Satalyst are Australian technology providers who think differently, and have been an integral part of developing new software to enhance the InfoCrank’s capabilities. In partnership with Verve, Satalyst built the Satalyst Tracker, an android solution to live tracking during an event. Cyclist’s data is streamed live for the audience, and commentators are able to use live power data to analyse the race. We are also working with Satalyst to produce Verve’s first Waveform analysis software.

Haute Route

Verve has partnered with the Haute Route as Official Power Meter Supplier for 2015 and 2016. The Haute Route cycling events are ‘the highest and toughest cyclosportives in the world’: prestigious and professionally run seven day road races, timed and ranked, across Europe’s iconic cols.

Last year, a number of lucky riders were selected to ride InfoCrank before and during the event, and received support, advice and free webinars from our talented team.