VeloPro is an online service that builds dynamic training plans tailored to you. Your plan will adjust daily based on your goals and experience. Using incredibly intelligent software and the latest athletic and human endurance science and technology, training with power for real results has never been easier.

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Power measurement has become a must-have for cyclists over the last few years. Measuring left and right legs individually is now becoming the mostwanted feature of a power meter. InfoCrank goes one step further and offers individual left and right entire torque circles and wave forms. Now you can analyse your entire pedal stroke using accurate data.

Please let us know if you’re a Mac or PC user.

Beta version coming soon.


Cycling Analytics is not only very insightful, but also the most user friendly tool to deeply analyse your power meter data and manage your training.

Perfect for coaches and clients, or those who like to dig a bit deeper into the data analysis.

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