Iain Dyer British Cycling

Iain Dyer – Head Coach of the Great Britain Cycling Team

“InfoCrank power data is trusted to be accurate under all riding conditions and is a vital element in setting training programmes for our athletes. It’s no longer acceptable to just have consistent data, all our power meters have to be accurate all of the time. This allows us to compare performance improvements over time and between riders. InfoCrank has eliminated data drift and the need for re-calibration, enabling detailed analysis of our true performance on the road and in the velodrome. We have worked closely with the engineers who developed the InfoCrank and they have proven to be committed to achieving best in class in this increasingly crucial area.”

It’s no longer acceptable to just have consistent data…
Richard Wooles – UCI World Class Centre Coach

“For most of the riders training and racing with the under 23 road team, it’s the first time that they learn to train with power. Our first goal is to teach them about what the numbers mean and how they can use the power meter to help them improve. One of the biggest advantages to using an InfoCrank power meter is that it removes the guesswork and helps them see that the work they put in is helping them turn into a better cyclist, with structured training plans and efforts. The next big thing is for them is to learn what type of rider they are and how to look at their strengths and weaknesses and work with them. One of the last points is motivation, it’s great to see the numbers moving the right way and when they don’t we work with them to figure out why.”

InfoCrank power meter removes the guesswork…

Richard Wooles UCI World Cycling Centre
Brad Hall - Director of Veris Racing

Brad Hall – Director of Veris Racing

“Verve Cycling has produced the best power meter in the world in the Infocrank, which is sold to the best institutions and high-performance programmes in the world. Combined with Verve Cycling’s unwavering ethical focus in delivering accuracy we can work with athletes from around the world remotely and know exactly what they are doing and how they are doing it at any given moment. This would simply not be possible with alternate power meter manufacturers.

…sold to the best institutions and high-performance programmes in the world. 
Rhys Howell – Team Manager of Canyon ZCC

“I spent a long time researching power meter products before deciding that InfoCrank was the right choice for us. Unlike all other cycling disciplines where the data is secondary; often utilised only after the race, the opposite is true of eRacing where the data is the race. So I had two criteria: I wanted the most accurate product I could find and I wanted the most bullet-proof product that couldn’t suffer from miscalibration. I firmly believe we’ve found that product and are excited to be working closely with Verve Cycling, both with their hardware and software, to help make Canyon ZCC the most accurate team in eRacing.”

…eRacing where the data is the race.

Rhys Howell Canyon-ZCC
Anne Haug

Anne Haug – Elite Triathlete

“The InfoCrank power meter has been my daily, reliable training partner for years and it helps me to successively improve my bike performance.”

Since 2007, Anne has placed consistently within the top-ten of all elite female triathletes worldwide, has clocked the third-fastest time in world championship history, and has chosen to use the InfoCrank as she continues to train and compete at the highest level.

By recording truly accurate power measurements in real time whilst training and racing, the InfoCrank provides Anne instant feedback on her performance to ensure she is at exactly the right intensity from the first pedal stroke.

InfoCrank power meter has been my daily, reliable training partner for years…
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