Get insights into your InfoCrank data

InfoCrank is the most accurate and precise power meter ever built for cyclists. That true measurement needs to be turned into usable information if you are going to get the improvements to your cycling that we all want.

To get the best from your new InfoCrank we have put together a complete set of power analysis tools for you.

InfoCrank is compatible with all ANT+ data readers and head units that display power

  • InfoCrank is compatible with all ANT+ data readers and head units that display power.

  • Infocrank sends data to head unit or computer 4 times each second.

  • Three of the four packets each second from InfoCrank contain Torque data in order to ensure accurate power readings. Check the ANT+ file data.pdf on the Support Site and the Infocrank, IOS and Ant+ Doc as well, in Ambassador material, house at FAQs.

  • We recommend that the head unit be set to show 1 second updates.

Analyse your power 1

PowerBrain – next generation training is here

Verve Cycling’s PowerBrain combines the latest training science with cycling’s most advanced analytics technology to make training smart and easy. The Powerbrain AI uses the rich data from your InfoCrank to create and optimise training just for you.

Adapts to you

PowerBrain learns about you, your goals and schedule. Then we create training plans that continuously adapt to your performance. You get fitter, faster and stronger.

Times your peak

Powerbrain motivates you to ride outdoors or indoors. The advanced AI makes sure you arrive at peak performance for your event.

Improve your riding

No matter your goal, Powerbrain helps you get there. Prepare for events like fondos, races, and time trials. Use Powerbrain to prepare you for an in studio experience.

Free VINC app

  • Designed for those who want live visual feedback with no need for huge data loads.
  • Works with normal Power meter mode on Infocrank.
  • Perfect for training and Bio-Feedback on pedalling action.
  • Very good for Isometric strength training in torque mode.
  • Designed for Android Tablets and Android Phones.
Analyse your power 2

If you have ANT+ on your data reader it’s all good, here are some of the many …

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