IRONMAN France: David Boileve-Cooper paces to perfection using InfoCrank

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InfoCrank data analysis

On June 28, 2015, Verve InfoCrank Ambassador David Boileve-Cooper tackled IRONMAN France and finished an impressive 20th in the Male 25-29 Category and 159th Overall out of a total of 2,700 competitors.

The most important thing to take note of is that there is actually nothing that stands out on this graph and that is the most telling aspect of the file. Boileve-Cooper did an outstanding job of pacing himself, riding within his limits, and saving something for the run. The overall look of the graphs and lines is one of consistency and steadiness. There aren’t any large spikes or drops for power or heart rate, not an easy thing do over the course of five hours. But having an InfoCrank on your bike certainly make the job a lot easier. Boileve-Cooper knew from previous training and race data the exact power output he could maintain not only for the entire course but also on the big climb. Basically taking the guess work out of his performance. It was simply a matter of pegging his output at a target number and holding it there.

The first two images show the bike leg split in half. As expected with more climbing in the first half, Boileve-Cooper worked harder in the first 2.5 hours with an average power output of 260 watts but still well below his Functional Threshold Power (FTP) of 310 watts.


The first half of the bike leg


David’s second split.

On the big climb (the third image), a nearly one hour effort at an average gradient of 4.5%, he kept his pace just below FTP at 297 watts. Clearly working hard to hold an average speed of 13.1 mph while ascending just over 3,000 feet but also maintaining a pace that would not leave him shattered for the rest of the bike and the run. Once again, showing his ability to pace himself by using his power meter to target the exact right power

Pic3His ride time of 5:14:27 earned him 12th place in his age division of 25-29 and 65th overall.

See David’s near-perfect pacing strategy below.

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 1.21.25 pm

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 08.07.00

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