“The data doesn’t lie” – Iain Morton, Stage 1

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Haute Route, InfoCrank data analysis

Etape 1 – Anglet – La Pierre St Martin 15/08/2015

Iain Morton #1120 link to ride data: https://www.cyclinganalytics.com/ride/139997260624

Time: 06:30:34
Time behind Winner: 02:04:43
Results: 213/319 Overall, 80th in 40-49 Category
Country: Britannique
Team: Has Mojo


Iain was an early adopted of our recommendations on how to use InfoCrank to have a successful Haute Route and to take his training to the next level. Not really surprising considering his background racing cars and logging race car data.

We knew he was a perfect fit to be a #MyPower rider when he told us this, “Having InfoCrank is like data logging on a race car. The data doesn’t lie!” Well said Iain!

Iain Morton race car


In the image below, we see that he is using Predictive Training Load to estimate the daily physiological toll that each stage will take on his body and thus plan for optimal pacing and recovery. He estimated a Training Load of 500 and ended up with an actual of 471.

Great job Iain!

What is Training Load?
How taxing on the body the ride was. Calculated as intensity2 × time riding. A one hour time trial will by definition have a training load of 100. Andrew Coggan developed this metric.

Iain Morton

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