“Your power meter saved my ass” – Petri Karvinen

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Etape 2 – Pau – Pau 16/08/2015

Petri Karvinen #1045 link to ride data: https://www.cyclinganalytics.com/ride/982346803177

Time: 04:6:04:39
Time behind Winner: 2:14:12
Results: 247th /318 Overall, 84th in <40 Category
Country: Finlandais
Team: OK Rule #5

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ptkarvinen


Age: 34

My first race and all the others after it (first full-distance in 2014) come with the same motivational argument “I bet you can’t do it” and the same quote I gave myself when I thought about signing up for my first Haute Route, the Pyrenees. There aren’t even proper hills where I live so this is definitely out of my comfort zone.

Cycling itself has become an easy favourite. I’ve never seen as much landscape as when riding, with the bike I find it easier to push myself a little farther than swimming or running and now that I get to play with power, I’ve found completely new tricks to reach even higher with the bike. This is definitely my thing and I keep finding new reasons to keep it that way.

I power because of this, standard routines are definitely not my muse and getting on my bike, no matter if there’s 30cm of snow or a hot summer day is always a happy occasion. And there’s really nothing like a good sauna after the ride, winter or summer.

Looking forward to the endless climbs and the views and my screaming legs. I bet I can.

We bet you can too Petri!

Why you should be following his twitter feed: Petri is tweeting and taking pictures along each stage of the Haute Route so follow him for an up close and personal account of what it is like doing the Epic HR Pyrenees.

Here are two of our favorite recent tweets:

Below is Petri’s Peak Power Chart and here we see that in addition to enjoying the journey, he is also pushing himself to the limits. Today he set his all-time peak power for 4 hours, averaging 167 Watts (2.2 w/kg).

Petri 1

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