If you have any issues with your InfoCrank®, we want to hear about it.

We have incredibly low return rates because most of the time we can solve the issue over email or with a quick phone call. Here’s our three easy steps to fix a problem or request a warranty on your InfoCrank®.


If you haven’t already registered your InfoCrank®, this is the place to start. You’ll need the crank serial number and where you purchased it. Registering your InfoCrank® also includes a special free trail subscription to MyPower.

Register your InfoCrank® at MYPOWER


Most issues are a simple fix for our in-house customer support team. By giving us as much information as possible about the problems you’re experiencing, we’ll be able to help you.


If a replacement InfoCrank® is required to resolve your issue, we will send a new one as soon as we receive tracking details of your InfoCrank return shipment.

We’re confident that you’ll likely never get to step three, but we’re committed to keeping you on the road on a fully functioning power meter and are proud of our high levels of customer service.

You can be confident in the quality and reliability of InfoCrank®. Read our customer reviews


Erik Zabel

Former German Professional Cyclist

"I must say that i am still impressed how correct, good & easy it is to Ride & Work with the System from you. As you know i was riding for nearly 20 Years with SRM & i had never expect to use something like Or better than SRM. But the handling, using & everyday working with the Infocranks are so easy & correct that i am still & more than Ever a Big Fan of your system. Chapeau - No Problems & No every Day Pairing anymore and every Day correct Datas. That's what a Rider Needs."

Iain Dyer

GB Cycling Team Head Coach

"InfoCrank is our power meter of choice because when you’re competing against the best in the world you cannot leave anything to chance."

Clay Worthington

West Australian Institute of Sport Cycling Head Coach

"We are very excited to be in a position to put the best power measuring device available on the market today on our athlete's bikes for consistently accurate and durable data collection that we can trust to learn from and make the best decisions for our athletes."

Adnan Kadir

Aeolus Endurance Sport

"InfoCrank's reliability, accuracy, and bilateral data measurement help me to help my athletes get the most out of themselves and their work data."

Ronan McLaughlin

Cycling Coach, Ireland

"I use InfoCranks because they are reliable and robust. I can have confidence in their accuracy, and they have given me a shocking insight into my TRUE left right balance. I also sell InfoCranks because I love bringing the best, most reliable, problem free products to my customers. I recommend InfoCranks to the athletes I coach as the complete training system that will provide us with the edge in planning, conducting and analysing training and racing."

Paul Manning

GB Elite Endurance Coach – Women

“If you’re not moving forwards in Elite sport then you’re only going backwards. That’s why we choose InfoCrank."


President PowerCoach Software

"We recommend InfoCrank because our customers need distinct and accurate power data from both legs, left and right!"

Clemens Hesse


"I recommend InfoCrank because it is the most evolved powermeter on the market."

Arch McKown

Happy customer - North America

"I love this InfoCrank! -I've ridden with a few different power meters on my bike since 2002, but none has been better than the Verve InfoCrank. Its accuracy, durability, reliability and price make it the best overall power meter out there. Simply put, the InfoCrank sets the standard by which all other power meters should now be judged."

Paul Attiwell

MyPower Rider - UK

"I used the Infocrank set up and Navi 2Coach computer in my preperation and then during the 2015 Haute Route Alpes. I found the product to be nothing less than exceptional in terms of look, feel and overall build quality. We had a couple of really heavy wet days in the Alpes but the power meter stood true and never missed a beat."

Sotiris Dounis

Happy customer - Greece

"I'm really impressed! I feel like if I have the best technician with me 24/7 to take care of everything! My problem was totally solved with free shipment of a new pair of bolt on magnets. Thanks guys!"

Iain Morton

Haute Route MyPower Rider

"I started using my InfoCranks just before competing in this years Haute Route Pyrenees. As a power meter novice I was amazed at how easy it was to have them up and running. They provided me the information I was lacking perviously, to allow me to pace myself perfectly throughout the 7 days of the race. Going into the winter training period and beyond, I can now train smarter and loose the junk KMs."

Björn Kafka


"I recommend the InfoCrank because of their reliability and accuracy."

David Cooper-Boileve

Cyclist / Triathlete

"I choose InfoCrank because do not want to compromise between accuracy or reliability. I never have to worry about the affect of the weather, the terrain, the altitude or whether or not my device is calibrated and my coach and I have the peace of mind of knowing that my data is always accurate."

Troels Anderson

MyPower Rider - Denmark

"If you want to train and ride with power, you want to have power in your data! With InfoCrank I have a superbly build tool, with second to none precision and quality, and all the data I could dream of, including true right/left. Riding with the InfoCrank has made me much more effective on the bike, it has helped me improve my output, and has saved my ass on hard mountain stages. Best bike upgrade ever made!"

Felix Karnatz

Rad-Konzept Racing Team

"My InfoCrank is like my Swiss army knife - reliable, precise, weatherproof and a good looking beauty."

Michael Carbel

CULT Energy Pro Team

"I ride InfoCrank because its true and precise data gives me an edge."

Greg Judin

Haute Route MyPower Rider

"I have used several brands of power meters over the years (hub, crank and heart rate based systems) and can state definitively that Infocrank is the most reliable and accurate I have had the pleasure of riding with. It has not given me a single erratic reading and never skipped a beat... er, watt. Highly recommended."