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InfoCrank 3D Ti

Titanium power meter for track and road bikes

Verve Cycling and Metron Additive Manufacturing have developed the most advanced power meter available today. 3D printed in titanium, precision machined and instrumented and polished to a mirror finish, the InfoCrank 3D Ti offers unrivalled performance data combined with world-beating strength in a lightweight package.

Price dependant upon requirements

The InfoCrank 3D Ti is a premium product aimed at anyone who wants truly reliable data. Please contact our experts directly to discuss your requirements. Prices begin at $ 5,500.00 USD.


Ti6Al4V titanium is melted by a high power electron beam under high vacuum conditions, at a facility that is aerospace qualified (AS9100 Rev D) – about as high tech as it can be in terms of manufacturing. It is then equipped with the most accurate power measuring technology for cyclists – creating a high-performance product that is simply unrivalled.

The track variant is available in a variety of lengths and has been designed to withstand the loads generated by the world’s strongest track cyclists. Our time working with the highest performing national teams and athletes has given us insights into performance simply not available elsewhere, and all of this understanding is brought to bear in the new cranks.

The road variant has a proprietary 24mm BB axle that fits straight into the athlete’s choice of BB. With a wide range of lengths and 4-arm and 5-arm spiders, the power meter can be adapted to any set-up and will provide the truest data out there, bar none.
The additive manufacturing method also allows Verve Cycling to respond to bespoke requests for track, road, mountain bike and BMX, with many of the cranks already in use by the top global cycling federations.

Additional Information

  • 3D printed in Ti6Al4V titanium.
  • Precision machined and instrumented.
  • World-beating strength in a lightweight package.
  • Performance data with an error of less than 1%.
  • No recalibration and no regular re-zeroing required.
  • Dual-sided power meter measuring right and left leg individually.
  • Measures cadence to 1/1000th of a second and torque from directly within the crank arm 256 times per second.
  • Waterproof and weatherproof with absolutely no data drift.
  • Available for road in 110BCD & 130BCD and track in 144BCD.
  • Track Crank BB is ISIS.
  • Road Crank BB is 24mm.
  • Lengths can be specified to any measurement.
  • The InfoCrank 3D Ti works identically to other InfoCrank power meters and connects via ANT+ to all common head units.

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